Manhattan, New York USA

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100st & Central Park West

Painting: Giclee prints.

Simpleness is sophistication. Whether a busy street that is urban or it's cliff preferences can provide numerous possible subjects. Sometimes it might be too much to take in and undoubtedly too much to match to canvas. To prevent a painting that feels cluttered, busy and lacking a center of interest, don't paint the whole mountain range. Try just one peak. Only one door way, not the street. Seize the light. Light changes through the day, which makes capturing it among the challenges of painting outdoors. The flip side is that whenever you're able to do that correctly, your painting is instantly elevated. 

Remember - if you've warm light you've cool shadows and viceversa. Observe with care. Fly the friendly skies. Cooler in warmer and the horizon in the zenith. Once you get some skill you may also change the color from side to side. As they gain space, areas will be warmer and cool down. The painting will feel unified whenever you paint hot to cool all shapes. Clint Squint. Squint often. Squinting will probably allow you to dumb down the facts and focus on the shapes that are big. Until you have painted dog you can't paint the fleas. Small potatoes. 

Paint smaller to begin. 6x8 or 8x10, till you get a handle on things. Having to make adjustments can overwhelmed the changes quickly and in case you have a canvas. Save the big guns till you attain a bit of skill. Thermal reading.  

Size(s): 14” H x 11” W x 1 in
            16" H x 20" W x 1 in
            18" H x 24" W x 1 in
            24" H x 36" W x 1 in

Ships in a cardboard box.

Our prints are giclee prints that are printed with UL ECOLOGO and UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified 1 Water-based HP Latex Inks. They are hazard free, have no HAPs, and are nickel free. The canvas is a polyester material. The finished product has a semi-gloss surface.