Who Else Want Banksy Shredded Piece of Art?


Artistic Street Artist and also artistic genius Banksy sells a painting on the Sotheby’s auction house in London for a record price of 1.4 million. The painting titled "Girl With Balloon" is now apparently worth double the price after it self-destructed on the auction block. Art critics where surprised at the dramatic occurrence. Banksy is known for being a daring Artist but this stunt exceeded the public’s expectations. Furthermore this stunt increased the value of the painting. According to the director of modern art at Heritage Auctions “That’s the ironic part about it,” Leon Benrimon, the director of modern and contemporary art at Heritage Auctions. “It was meant to be a criticism of the art market, and I think it’s going to double the value of the work.”



After the auction the artist exposed the cleaver machinery of the custom frame on his Instagram feed. The painting contained a shredder and an alarm. Sothebys art house claims that they were unaware of the stunt before the auction. The bidder and buyers information still remain disclosed to the public.

Banksy is known for these spontaneous events and he uses art as his main platform. According to the article from time magazine “The graffiti artist’s pieces have commented on a slew of issues from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Europe’s migrant crisis, war, and consumerism, among other issues. “This bold occurrence was unusual because of the pieces importance to the art world. Above all else this moment will increase the value of his works in the future. The piece was categorized as a conceptual moment rather than a painting.  

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